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Puncak Jaya Heats Up Again, One Citizens Shot and Two Women Raped by Army Indonesia Forces in Tingginambut Puncak Jaya-PAPUA

Puncak Jaya Heats Up Again, One Citizens Shot and Two Women Raped by INDONESIAN ARMED FORCES

TNI/Polri Operations in Papua
Jayapura News: Puncak Jaya in Papua--back heats up, Indonesia national armed forces (TNI) shot dead one civilian indigenous Papua Origin Tingginambut District, when the victim was walking in the village, he was shot by Yamo TNI ranges the distance of 100 M from the post of TNI Tingginambut District. The victim regarding the Bullets penetrate heat right thigh, and victims while still critical.

The victims in the blast were civilians the AIR district of Tingginambut on behalf of Wundiwili Tabuni (25Th). This event happened on (21\/03\/2013) local time.

The source of the word WPNLA, "before Wundiwili was shot by INDONESIAN ARMED FORCES, TNI members in the District of Tingginambut, there is a 1 in Yamo tanks and praise the flag red white. They say if the people of Papua via here we will shoot ". He Said.

Other sources claim it was conveyed to the source by one of TNI soldiers to the source whose name did not want loaded in WNLA, but are allowed to Tabuni is written.

Two Female rape victims

In addition, on Saturday (30\/03\/2013), fought against rape by INDONESIAN two women from Post Tingginambut District unified 753 Nabire.
Two victims were rape, Regina Murib (25Th) and Weresina Tabuni (22Th) citizens the District of Tingginambut.

Two INDONESIAN women rape victims names Regina Murib TNI Soldier raped by 5 of 753 assigned in Nabire district of Tingginambut.  Then the victim was raped by 10 Weresina TNI Soldiers 753 Nabire. It is reportedly one of the Noble families of the victims after he got the event information via mobile phones, through to WPNLA.

Asked to source related events firing Wuniwili is true? The source said "it really Wundiwili was shot by INDONESIAN I also heard that information". He said, to the Admin WPNLA.

Indonesia national army of National Liberation Army Fishing West Papua, by way of firing civil society and in inhumane rape women.

This is in violation of HUMAN RIGHTS, because the INDONESIAN MILITARY who commit civil society resistance, whereas it should be the TPN-OPM, which killed the TNI.

If the TNI wanted revenge rather than to civil society, but look for TPN-OPM. Let alone a woman who did not know anything was raped. This is actually violating human rights by the INDONESIAN ARMY 753 in Puncak Jaya-Papua.

Actually, if the TNI did resistance to TPN-OPM is not wrong, not against civil society. Resistance or war that took place in Puncak Jaya between TPN-OPM and TNI are according to laws of war aka the Geneva Convention.
For TPN-OPM does resistance to defend the integrity of the nation of Papua to become free and sovereign countries as Full independence in the world.

While the ARMY maintains the integrity of NKRI of Papua as part of Indonesia to impose the will of NKRI but indigenous people of Papua New Guinea, for part of the NKRI is not true.

Finally, after the Events of the shooting at (21\/03\/2013) and the rape of two women (23\/03\/3013). The situation in Puncak Jaya heats up today, the families of the victims of gunshot victims care Wundiwili difficulties, and two women rape victims experience pain. Please note da top advocacy of human rights violations in the District of Puncak Jaya Regency Tingginambut. Hope the joiner HAM voicing these things seriously.

Written By Turius Wenda on March 25, 2013
Admin WPNLA 2013-03
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