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PANIAI SITUATION: Haven't Gooten the attention of the Public.

PANIAI SITUATION: Haven't Gotten the Attention of the Public.

News Paniai: Violent acts in the Paniai continues, while the situation has not been brought to the attention of the public. Whereas in Paniai is going on the tension between the security apparatus and the Army Liberation National or Freedom Papuan Organitation “TPN/OPM”. This tension takes place long after the dissolution of the forcibly against the TPN/OPM from the headquarters in Eduda in October last year. After the dissolution of the TPN OPM Chief Jhon Yogi cs, security apparatus are adding personnel in large quantities in Paniai. On February 24, 2013 and then the community directly witnessed the arrival of the security apparatus in Paniai by riding 52 ground vehicles from Nabire and arrived in Paniai in the afternoon. Meanwhile, one member of the local police as saying that in February yesterday had plus 1000 units of Brimob personnel. As a result the community especially the youth and fathers not free activity and suspected members of the feared TPN/OPM.
In such situations, the tension is happening also in the evening amid the examination of housing residents, the arrest is not procedural, persecution, torture and disappearances of lives still being lived daily coloring community. The last two cases for example. On Friday, March 22, 2013 at about 15.30 wit Force Brimob shot dead a young man Stephen Yeimo in Kopo (Paniai) when the victim together with his colleague to buy cigarettes in one of the stalls in Uwibutu, Madi. All of a sudden the car parking in front of the glassy riben them and for some reason, the security apparatus that came down from the car immediately caught the pair. Thus, they escape from the apparatus and fled, but the intention is then broken apparatus with direct fire up to 3 bullets lodged at body victims. Eventually the victim died at 6 pm local time and buried his family on Saturday, March 23, in Village Kopo, Paniai. Meanwhile, another victim was a young man of Moni persecuted and tortured by a group of members Timsus 753 in Uwibutu Madi on Saturday 23 March, at 9.30 CEST. After capturing the apparatus, he was beaten, kicked and dragged her on the asphalt highway. At the time, some residents had witnessed acts of violence the authorities who then they pull into the post and torture victims throughout the night until he was taken to the General Hospital area (PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL) to get medical treatment.
Meanwhile, according to his family, the victims were slightly affected by the alcoholic, but he is doing well, and quietly went to visit a family member who is being treated in hospital. Then, he came home at around 21.30 wit, and he was arrested by the soldiers and they bring to the post Timsus. They struck him until his condition is severe punishment, then the army itself admits came across the hospital, said a member of the families of the victims who refused to be named. Thus, the question; why all parties in Paniai passive and let this situation continue? Whether it's as a sign of loss of democracy put forward persuasive approach? Another question is when the journalist access to expose situations that TSE Paniai? Inasmuch, when the role of the House of representatives building communication with both groups so that people do not become victims of Paniai continue from year to year? Here's a piece of reality amid the current of democracy above stage special autonomy that access human-humans is not productive.

Marko Okto Pekei, SS.
(Activist SKP Diocese Of Timika).
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