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Front Persatuan Perjuangan Rakyat Papua Barat (Front PEPERA West Papua)
Secretariat: Jl. Victoria nomor 01 Padang Bulan - Jayapura – West Papua

Press Release

Re: ‘Papuan Freedom Political Prisoners not Disappointed’

Radio Republic Indonesia (RRI) on 18 August 2013 reported that the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe together with his entourage had visited the Abepura State Prison the day before. In that report it was stated that one of the political prisoners Selpius Bobii during that visit had stated that he was disappointed that President SBY had not released the political prisoners from detention. Selpius Bobii responded stating that this aspect of the RRI news report was an outright lie to the public as he had made no statement of that kind.

According to Selpius Bobii what he stated during Governor’s Enembe’s visit was as follows:

i)              That the five prisoners known as the ‘Jayapura Five’ wee being  detained and imprisoned at LP Abepura for their part on the declaration of a state of Papua at the III National Papuan Congress;
ii)             That the nation of Papua was ready to negotiate with the Republic of Indonesia;
iii)            That the nation of Papua firmly rejected Special Autonomy Plus or the Papuan Governance Regulations;
iv)            That the Papuan Freedom Political Prisoners were being detained not due to chasing food or drink or some position within the government; but rather because of the Struggle for Papuan independence for which so many people had died and had been sacrificed since the 1960’s.
v)             That the Papuan Freedom Political Prisoners firmly rejected the offer clemency or any other form thereof, from the President of Indonesia.
vi)            That the Governor of Papua had came from the mountains of Papua to the city to supposedly rescue the people of Papua, but that the Governor’s way of doing that was with the statements ‘that Papua already has freedom within the Republic of Indonesia’ and that ‘Papua can find freedom in prosperity’, which are statements which destroy the people of Papua.

A full news report of the Papuan Governor’s visit to the Abepura Prison can be found at:

Papuan Freedom Political Prisoners are not disappointed that they have never submitted a letter of request to the Indonesian President requesting that they be released from the Indonesian State Colonial Prison. Furthermore they do not regret their imprisonment as a result of their struggling to uphold truth and justice for the sake of the non-violent struggle of the nation of Papua. They are most ready to endure the criminal punishment that was decided upon by the judges of the colonizing l Indonesia even though they have done no wrong.

It is in fact the State of Indonesia that was ‘thrown’, was disappointed by the Papuan Political Prisoners having stated on 24 May 2013 their rejection of the Indonesian President’s plan to give them clemency. The political prisoners requested instead that the nation of Papua be released from the colonial domination of the colonial state of the Republic of Indonesia.  The State of Indonesia now regrets their arbitrary arrest and detention of Papuan liberation activists as Indonesia has now as a result come under the spotlight of the international community;  Under the spotlight from individuals, NGO’s, governments and bodies of the United Nations. Indonesia is now experiencing complications in facing up to the criticism from the international community regarding Indonesia’s suppression of Papuans freedom, of expression as seen in the State’s breaking up of peaceful demonstrations, arrest and imprisonment of Papuan activists who struggle with by only peaceful means.

The rejection by the political prisoners of Indonesia’s offer of clemency when they were in the first place  arbitrarily detained, has drawn attention of a number of parties both within and outside the country to Indonesia’s treatment of peaceful activists. Yet in spite of this, Radio Republic Indonesia reported the facts in reverse, stating that it was the prisoners who were disappointed and regretful of their actions; rather than the truth being that it is the State of Indonesia that is disappointed and regretful of its actions.

In both the RRI broadcast and also two local newspapers – the local Cenderawasih Post and the Papuan Star (Bintang Papua) on 19 August 2013 – the statement made by the long-term political prisoner Filep Karma during the Governor’s visit to the prison was also not accurately reported to the public. That which was broadcast /published was but a very small part of his statement which referred to development regarding a certain justice aspect of the management within the province. Whilst the two main aspects of Filep Karma’s statement to the Governor being in regards to Indonesian peoples view of Papuans and concerning the rejection by political prisoners of the Indonesian President’s offer of clemency, were not broadcast / published even in brief.  The above stated media have clearly evidenced their role of being a mouthpiece for the State of Indonesia in defending and maintaining its hold on Papua and allowing to flourish Indonesia’s use of violence against the Papuan people.

The same criticism was expressed by Rev Dr Benny Giay to journalists from the magazine ‘One Step’ (majalah Selangkah) in regards to news reports by the Cenderawasih Post and Papuan Star on 19 August 2013. Rev Giay stated “ I am most concerned at the coverage by the two local newspapers in Papua that are also playing a part in guarding the continually increasing use of violence in this country; and  of their use of the church as a tool to meet their own interests” (as translated). Those newspapers I am referring to being the Cenderawasih Post and the daily Star of Papua. Their coverage referred to our church ‘KINGMI’” (Source: www.majalahselangkah.com/content/benny-giay-prihatin-pemberitaan-media-massa-di-papua).

It is firmly stated to the press that:

1)     Papuan freedom political prisoners have never apologized to or requested release from prison - whether in writing or orally - from the President of Indonesia.
2)     The Papuan political prisoners accordingly are not disappointed that they have not been released from prison and neither do they regret their imprisonment for the sake of the Struggle of Papua.
3)     RRI in its coverage of the Papuan Governor’s visit to the Abepura Prison made lies to the public via its news broadcast and to that extent was a fabrication. Furthermore the coverage of the same visit by the Papuan newspapers Cenderawasih Post and the Star of Papua was not balanced reporting.
4)     RRI, Cenderawasih Post and Star of Papua newspapers are reminded of their responsibility to be professional, accurate, trustworthy and balanced in their reporting.
5)     Immediate clarification is requested of the inaccuracies of the above stated news reports.

This press release is made for the attention of those parties involved. Thank you for your anticipated attention.

‘Unity without limits! Struggle until Victorious!”

24 August 2013

General Chairperson,  Front PEPERA West Papua


Selpius Bobii
(Papuan Freedom Political Detainee)
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