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Peaceful Protest In West Papua

Peaceful Protest In West Papua 
June 14 -15 , 2013
The West Papua supports full freedom of expression and assembly including the right of people to peaceful protest, because that is fundamental to any democracy.
If Gandhi was put in prison due to the political struggle of Indian people, to change the political situation under the British regime; Martin Luther King  was historically one of the leader of American civil - rights movement; Nelson Mandela and Xanana Gusmao were jailed because of their political struggle and at the end achieved the international attention.
Today, even the political movement of the People of West Papua possesses political leaders whom have clearly given a serious attention to the international community. 
This matter has proven to the international community that the act of demonstration and protest for over a decade where the political leadership of the West Papuan people are not hiding in jungle. Our political leaders together supported by the people of West Papua; we proudly place on our shoulder this political responsibility, even being in prison is part of the struggle in order to achieve attention internationally. 
As some of political leaders whom have been mentioned above as well as their non - violent movements have successfully received the international attention and support for their acts. I personally believe the people of West Papua will successfully triumph when we stand and act upon this non - violence movement. Similarly, likewise our brothers and sisters in other Melanesian country, in our struggle, we want to achieve our rights and freedom peacefully. 
Free all the West Papuan political prisoners, including Forkorus Yaboisembut, the President of Federal Republic of West Papua and Edison Waromi, the Prime Minister of Federal Republic of West Papua.
Free West Papua!
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